While hit­ting the EDM scene hard, Sabrina’s back­ground is quite diverse.  She decided to be a record­ing artist early record­ing her cover of “Tainted Love” at 11, she has also wrote and co-produced “Halfway 2 Nep­tune” with GHouse by the time she was 12.

Life threw curve balls to Sab­rina after she fell in love with music, the fam­ily find­ing them­selves part of the great reces­sion of 2009 Sab­rina was home­less. Sabrina’s spirit only grew from the expe­ri­ence. In 2010 she was able to get back into a stu­dio and recorded “Home­less” and a touch­ing song to lighten the heart of her lit­tle brother called “Hey Anthony”.

Sab­rina con­tin­ued to fol­low her heart in music, explor­ing all gen­res of music. In addi­tion to being a teen advo­cate for the Home­less, Sab­rina is also pas­sion­ate about Teen Domes­tic Vio­lence, hav­ing been a vic­tim she wrote the song “Vic­tim of Love”. By the time 2011 rolled by Sab­rina had an album called “Phases” illus­trat­ing the growth and depth of this young lady.

Now 2013 Sabrina’s lat­est hit’s “Even If You’re Crazy” , “Preda­tor”  and “Emo­tions”  are get­ting mas­sive atten­tion around the world.


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